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Susie Wright

Artist and Curator

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'I am an artist, educator and curator working between Hannover and London. I trained as an Art Teacher and worked in arts education for many years. I am now contributing my voice to the arts community. Using a range of approaches, my observations are a commentary on the relationships in our complex world between daily life, climate change, the challenges of and to civil society and the wonder of nature.'


Susie Wright `Channel crossing` Digital Print 2021.png

‘Channel Crossing’ is a painting and limited edition giclee print, one is represented inside the other. It is one of a series of works I exhibited in London this summer in my show `Collective Memory 20*21`. It draws on an observation I made in 2020 of streams of dinghy bow waves crossing the shipping lanes of the English Channel on a warm summer evening. I was travelling in the other direction, grateful for my dual nationality. I wondered what it must be like being smuggled to the UK, landing on the beaches of the South Coast suffering the symptoms of Covid 19 and being housed in a bed and breakfast somewhere.  I also recollect being on that coast myself before Brexit, overhearing a conversation in a Fish and Chip shop about how great Brexit will be as we really would be `taking back control`. I wonder how many people are landing on that beach right now, and how we will ever navigate the complexities of this global human crisis.

Susie Wright ´Channel crossing` Acrylic on card 2020.jpg
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