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Sara Dudman


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Sara Dudman’s practice recognises the urgent need to review our collective relationship with the natural world. Sara works with painting, drawing and lens-based media. The natural environment has been an enduring locus of her artistic practice. Sara exhibits extensively and works in partnerships to lead artistic projects. Connections are at the heart of everything she paints, draws, films and shares. Sara was elected an academician of the Royal West of England Academy in 2016.


I have been ‘unlearning how to paint’ in partnership with a geologist, an ecologist and beach-goers.

I am making ‘flat rocks’ using paints created from earth pigments collected along the Somerset and Cornish coasts. 


These paintings interpret the coast, tidal shifts, the dynamic equilibrium of marine and shore ecology, the deep time compressed within the layers of rock, the continual process of change and erosion which defines the ecotone of this fragile coast. 

Dynamic Equilibrium (Rosewall Hill, West Penwith) 02.jpg

Dynamic Equilibrium (Rosewall Hill, West Penwith) 

I have been testing the function of painting to engender a deepened connection with the coast. 

These works have a pulse. They understand the ocean as ‘the lungs of the planet’ and layers of sedimentary rock as the graveyards of previous generations of organic life. The fine silty mud along the Somerset coast used in these paintings is the precious, nutritious food for today’s shore ecology and the next layer of geological time. 

Dynamic Equilbrium (Rock Fall) 01.jpg

Dynamic Equilbrium (Rock Fall)

Dynamic Equilibrium (Stone Debate) Study 01.jpg

Dynamic Equilibrium (Stone Debate) Study 01

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