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Paul Henery



I am Wildlife, Landscape and Environmental Artist working from my studio at The Old Bathhouse in Northumberland. The basis of my practice is built upon working outdoors observing nature and drawing and painting from life. I then develop this work in the studio using a lifetime’s knowledge of wildlife and environmental issues to inform the process. I seek to produce work with a sense of place, a feeling of light, mood and weather which conveys the issues facing the biodiversity on the planet today.

'Doggerland,Then and Now'.jpg

'Doggerland, Then and Now'  Acrylic

The diptych ‘Doggerland, Then and Now’ represents differences in the landscape in a small corner of Northumberland, between now and several thousand years ago, when Doggerland was covered in dense and wild woodland, as on the left hand panel. The right-hand panel shows Northumberland in the here and now where the remnants of the Wild Wood protrude above the sands along the edge of North Sea. It is these very forests that were crushed to form the coal that was so heavily mined in this region. This coal was subsequently burned as a fossil fuel over decades causing the global warming which threatens our way of life, and promises even greater catastrophe in the future if we continue to allow sea-levels to rise. It is an understanding of these issues and of nature that are key to my practice.

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