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Orsina Pasargiklian

Visual Artist

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I am an Italian visual artist based in London, UK. I developed a passion for art practice and art history at a very young age, and after graduating from high school in my hometown of Milan, I moved to London where I completed a BA in Fine Art in 2012. After graduating, I attended two residency programs, one in Beijing, China and one in New York, USA. During my travels, I started working as an art tutor as a means to support myself. I since developed a skill for teaching, and continued teaching in London.

I currently work as a teacher for a company that runs painting classes for adults, and continue to work on my practice and exhibiting in various galleries. 


I started using maps in my work as a means to study the city from a different perspective, one that rather than portraying the ambience within, makes the audience look at cities in a global context, as part of a bigger picture, like pieces of a puzzle. For this project, I have been painting maps of highly populated cities that have been the most affected by climate change and that might become uninhabitable in the future. Those small paintings are accompanied by a negative copy of them where the urban space is left blank to represent its absence in the future. 

Maps Erased project (wip, oil on canvas).JPG


The relief, made with recycled paint, represents an abstract snowy of which outline corresponds to a graph showing the declining amount of ice recorded in the Arctic each year since 1980.

Snowflake (2018 acrylic on canvas).jpg


Broken Cloud (Broken Landscape series).jpg

These three prints are made by the digital superimposition of photography and painting. This series represents images of natural environments that are cracked and fractured to portray a scenery that is precarious and uncertain, but at the same time, doesn’t shy away from displaying the marvels of nature. For me, amending what would otherwise be a conventional nature photograph, is a way to incorporate reality and rude awakening to the artistically overproduced romantic landscape. 

Broken Mountains (Broken Landscape series).jpg
Reflection (Broken Landscape series).jpg
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