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Nevill Wilson



1980 London University, Goldsmiths College

1976-79 Royal Academy Schools, London

1971-74 Sheffield School of Art and Design

'I have produced and shown images over the years, as well as spending time teaching in various schools and colleges of art in England and Scotland.'


The content hints at a kind of contemporary archaeology, the salting down of ordinary objects by time and tide, alluding to the way we live from day to day. Among the themes are found hieroglyphics, objects from the museum of the ordinary, Shelley’s poem Ozimandias, memory fading, history from the bottom up. The images all relate to the environment near which I live, and, for quite a few years now, I have lived, on the Northumberland coast and on the Firth of Forth, and so include quite a lot of plastic waste which is contributing to the destruction of our oceans and life on the shore.


above: 'Lone and Level Sands'  Photo etching, 2019

left: 'Ironic Shoal'  Composite photograph from scanned negatives, 2014


'Found Heiroglyphics'  Collograph, 2014

tideline mon4-2.jpg

'Fishing for Pollock'  Digital print from scanned negative, 2016

above right: 'Tideline Hieroglyphics I'  Monoprint, 2013

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