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Lo Lo No

Artist and Curator

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'I am a trans-disciplinary artist and curator from London, based in Margate and working across the UK. I have recently completed a Fine Art Masters called 'Art, Society and Nature' with a distinction; from the independent Margate School in a unique partnership with French art school ESADHaR. I have worked in the creative industry for over ten years and spent five of those campaigning for ethical and sustainable practices within the global fashion industry, running a creative collective called The EMG Initiative.'


As a non-binary/trans person my work has evolved to sit at the intersections of society, identity and environments, organic and human made. I recently conceived a residency for LGBTQIA+ artists to respond to the concept of The Brink, as a threshold site, a cognitive destination and geographical contemplation, physically and theoretically as the residency took place at the Nayland Rock Hotel. A Margate landmark on the edge of the island, a threshold site itself as it hangs in a balance between utter degradation and possible development and investment, a metaphor for our human hand in the affect and effect on the environment. On the edge of the island the climate is ever present, infectious and abrasive, economically challenged, with a brimming population, hum-an waste and domestic detritus are the tumbleweed of the town, as winds whip and waves crash larger and harder every year. 

My identity leads me to think on sites in transition, not only body but architecture and land, borders and coasts, law and social reproduction; places we dwell, inhabit and forget to care for. I produced a number of works at the Nayland Rock residency as self portraits of a multitude of sites becoming and un-becoming, body and building, building in transition, building on coastline, coastline in rebellion, covered in plastic and gasping. 

As my thinking develops on the chimerisation of these aspects I find this open call, for ideas, imaginings and works in progress and submit this performance film that was made as research and became part of an installation. In 'Counter' I explore embodiment and possession, systemic tension, metabolising the synthetic and organic, some kind of embryonic entity on the threshold site, a world in transition. I think its a valid part of the conversation and one Id like to respond to and from as my work grows, as an activist, vegan, trans person, curator, environmentalist, all these intersections are futures and debates and I’d love my work to be part of this wider conversation made possible here. 

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