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Laurene Bois-Mariage

Visual Artist


'Originally from France, I live and actively work across Estonia and Finland. I develop a protean artistic practice through photography, appropriation, digital art and installation. '



Control Over The Cloud is a deceptive interactive installation. It depicts a storm cloud made out of hundreds of small images of a power button, crossed by what seemingly is a thunderbolt on one end and a growth curve on the other. 

The installation is of an illustrative nature, pointing at intricate relations between climate, power and economy. While awareness is increasing about how capitalism relates to global warming, geoengineering tends to emerge as a solution against climate change.  On the same note, popular discontent is raging. With an increasing sense of impotence and fear of irrelevance, a number of us feel the urge to gain better understanding and greater command of environmental issues. 


Control Over The Cloud looks upon the promises and mirages of interactive technologies, and asks itself how to distinguish tools of empowerment from those of control. 

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