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Kevin Parker

Artist and Associate Lecturer

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Kevin is an artist whose films, photographs and drawings have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Kevin has recently been appointed as an Associate Lecturer for The Open University to teach Discovering the arts and humanities. He is also drafting a monologue ‘Translation: Contemporary artists’ film and video in Britain’ following his doctoral thesis in this field. His work is concerned with traversing borders and how materials, ideas and concepts interact.

Copy of Kevin Parker Sand 2021.jpg

'Sand'  2021

My project involves collecting sand from the transition zone of coastal locations which have a personal significance and use it in the creation of artworks. This photograph is of a sand rubbing.


The sand is collected where the backwash collides with the leading edge of the surf zone and is characterised by bimodal sand distribution and a broad energy spectrum.


The shore is a dynamic border between land and sea which is constantly in flux. One cannot make art concerned with the natural world unless it’s in an environmental context. The current climate emergency is one context that is shaping the shoreline and artworks.


What underpins my artwork is not that it, or the scientific research that has informed it, provides a solution to the climate crisis. Rather, it is about how ideas and concepts interact, and how we facilitate that interaction which may provide solutions.

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