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John Dearing

Illustrator and Printmaker


'Illustrator and Printmaker with a background in Fine Art and BA Honours Degree in Illustration from Lincolnshire University. Influenced by Sumi-e Prints, German Expressionism and the Post War Neo-Romantic Artist. I’m interested in the rhythms and patterns found in the landscape, using these discoveries to develop a sympathetic graphic language of simplification of a heightened reality. Using outward looking observation and inward-looking retrial of places I’ve sketched and remembered.'


'Between The Kolbitur Sea'  2021  Ink and oils on card

In relation to the theme and title Carbon - Borders - Voices, this work explores the new frontiers on old grounds. How borders can be interchangeable and how old borders die and new open-ended borders emerge. In terms of the Carbon neural wind farms running and being built in the North Sea, when once the sea bottom was mined for fossil fuels, above these beds and above the sea turbines harness a wind without borders or ownership rights. The Border is that of the sea line, that of the infinite curved horizon with no border or depletion. I've always found wind turbines beautiful and they are often framed against the sublime skies and the weather they inhabit. With the cyclical nature of the turbines and the cycles of the season, the weather and the tides beneath gives them both a duality, a kinship and a shared importance for the future of the planet. 

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