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Jesse Davies

Fine Artist

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Jessie Davies is a Fine Artist whose work highlights our important fragile wetland environments. Her current work focusses on two local freshwater reed-beds on the Humber estuary, recently restored following saline flooding.  Jessie is autistic and spends her life in a wheelchair.  She paints immersed amongst the reeds and foliage.  Living with multiple disabilities, Jessie brings a unique perspective, incorporating an acute observation of discarded objects which express clashes between human activity and nature’s resilience.

Copy of 01_climatechange_jessiedavies.jpg


Acrylic and Mixed Media on board

This painting is an abstraction based on an area of the Humber estuary where tidal flood water overwhelmed the banks to flood the freshwater reed beds. These reed beds are vital habitats acting as a climate 'buffer', filtering agricultural run-off, as well as being home to many species who cannot live in other places. This border land, rich in biodiversity, is threatened, on one side by rising sea-level and tidal incursions due to severe weather events, and on the other side by the detritus of human activity.  In producing this work, discarded plastics, tarpaulin, rope, wood and other debris found on site have been incorporated into the painting structure along with the paint.

Copy of 02-detail of painting.jpg

detail, 'Climate Change - Estuary Influx'

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