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Jenna DeBoisblanc

Net Artist
Computer Science and Visual Art Teacher

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Jenna deBoisblanc is a net artist, new media artist, and computer science teacher from New Orleans, LA. She received her undergraduate degree in physics from Pomona College (Claremont, CA) and her MFA in digital art from Tulane University (New Orleans, LA). She has shown work at galleries in New Orleans (The Front, Good Children), as well as at light festivals in the Southwest (Luna Fête, Light Up Albuquerque). Her clients include Toyota, the Aloft Hotel, the Florida Aquarium, and NASA.


As online worlds increasingly infuse or supplant analog realities, the meaning of “exterior” in digital spaces finds new relevance. Netscapes, my latest body of work, examines cyber-environments, and in particular, the extent to which digital representations of natural landscapes reflect existing values and attitudes towards nature. 


Desktop wallpapers serve as a salient and sardonic example of the Anthropocene’s ethics. While climate change threatens to collapse global ecosystems and unravel the fabric of civilization, we paper desktops with uncannily-idyllic Caribbean beaches and rolling mountain ranges. We build captivating virtual worlds and mine cryptocurrencies on digital platforms that are abstracted away from the petrochemical infrastructure upon which they run.


Through interactive web vignettes built with recognizable user interfaces, I hope to subvert digital escape by injecting anthropogenic detritus into online spaces. Simultaneously, I hope to expose modes of extraction endemic to cyberspace (and late stage capitalism more broadly) so that we might arrive at a more responsible visual language for the web.


I believe this work is relevant to conversations surrounding coastal landscapes in transition. In many ways, our analog realities are transitioning through the infusion of technology. We need to ensure that the technologies we build, and the virtual worlds we inhabit, center climate, environment, and frontline communities. 

YOSEMITE 2021, custom software, variable dimensions | open in new window

CAT 5 2021, custom software, variable dimensions | open in new window

JUNGLE GYMS 2020, custom software, variable dimensions | open in new window

MINE 2021, custom software, variable dimensions | open in new window

HARD DRIVES ON SEASHORES 2020, custom software, variable dimensions | open in new window

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