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Helen Grundy


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I identify as a working class artist, and I work with collage as I want my practice to be environmentally sustainable and collage is an art form with recycling and repurposing at its core. I am interested in climate change and am currently showing work at Health and the Climate and Ecological Emergency Exhibition in UCLH. I am currently researching discard studies which encompasses theories regarding pollution, waste colonialism and how we discard and what we discard.

I am currently installing collage into discarded objects and window pane envelopes. The envelopes are collected from my workplace, a hostel, and I also get envelopes donated to me as well. I call the project FEARMAIL. I am developing a new project called The Discarded Pantry and collecting vintage packaging and installing collages inside them. I am interested in telling stories about climate change and the choices we can make, and the consequences of not changing our relationship to the natural world.


'Intensive Carelessness'  2021


'Frackers'  2021


'Wet Nurse'  2020


'Fission Chips'  2020


'Out (Damned) Beauty Spot'  2020


'Queens'  2020

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