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Glen Farrelly


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Glen Farrelly trained at the renowned Camberwell College of Arts in London, studying Ceramics BA(Hons). He then worked as Head of Art at an independent London School for 20 years. After moving to California, Glen was exposed to forest fires, walking the fire ravaged sites and collecting remnants of scorched and discarded wood, changing artistic direction and materials. Glen successfully exhibited around California and is now exhibiting in London. Glen has always been an ambassador for environmental issues and hopes his artwork helps to raise further awareness of the effects of climate change.


'Germination Resumption'  2021  reclaimed ancient oak beam, reclaimed oak, reclaimed steel

The main material for this piece is an old oak beam that I found buried, next to my house in a farmers field. It was completely submerged in soil, eaten by wood munchers and rot had started to set in. Being oak it has a high resilience and I could quickly see the potential it had to become an object to show life. This unwanted house beam, despite being thrown out, was perfect to show hope. Hope that we can act against the devastating effects of climate change. We may be on the brink of destruction but much like the seeds within we can grow strong but only if we start to nurture what we have.


'1.5ºC'  2021  reclaimed wildfire wood (California), reclaimed pine (Wales)

Evidence shows that the Antarctic ice sheets are becoming increasingly unstable, and that the Greenland ice sheets could collapse entirely if global temperatures rise by 1.5C - which could happen as soon as 2030 if current trends persist. With this in mind I produced this piece from wood that I salvaged from the Californian wildfires - another direct effect of climate change. The piece has been sculpted to balance precariously, a narrative that is a literal representation of life as we know it. The heart on top also balances as if it can fall at any moment. The heart that represents our love for life also represents the knowledge we hold for what we need to do to reverse these changes. The materials used are all salvaged from the locality of Californian burn areas and near my studio in North Wales.

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