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Gemma Gore + Jo Willoughby


From Doggerland is a collaborative practice by Gemma Gore (UK) and Jo Willoughby (NL). Ebbing and flowing in online and offline spaces through practices including drawing, writing, film making and performing, we study states of suspension throughout the submerged metaphysical site of Doggerland. As a landmass that once connected the UK and mainland Europe, Doggerland is the ‘site’ of the collaboration, touching on oceanic lessons stretched between coastlines. Creating a series of sensuous knots as moments of convergence, we rehearse haptic, sensuous activities. We record, collate and re-visit these rehearsals in various ways and the layers begin tocoalesce on a website.

The website changes, a kind of durational performance like the sea, it continues to shift as it is used as a studiospace across time and space. You are invited to use as space to dwell, navigate and interact with, through and around.

The artwork 'suspended soil' (2021) is an HTML online fragment. Meditating on Doggerland as the site that connects us, physically and elementally, we utilise materials and immaterials to connect across the borders, time and distance. 'suspended soil' is an online work with a silent video and an animated gif. Filmed between two locations UK/NL, the video is a form of conversation throughout these shores where the sea meets the lands. Using a soil-based watercolour paint, created from earth collected whilst walking together across physical locations and linked through digital media, the gif is constructed from documentation of hand-painted words, assembled as a poem of sorts. 'suspended soil' utilises CSS code as a means for the digital elements to coalesce. The colours used within the background gradient are CSS colours with names that reference the sea: “seashell” and “seagreen”.'suspended soil' is made using open source app Twinery.

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