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Long Yuan

Interdisciplinary Artist


Long Yuan is a transmedia artist based in London and Shanghai. He centres his research on humans’ living state in modern times and the relationships between humans and nature. In accordance with the requirements of his works and projects, he often cooperates with people and organizations with different backgrounds, including scientists, ornithologists, psychologist, NGOs, museums, and employs installation, video, painting and programming to probe into multiple challenges confronting humans and nature in the Anthropogenic age.


Stainless Steel, LED lights, CO2 Se

Breath is a sculpture which tests the carbon dioxide concentration around plants. It can convert the concentration values into colors of lights. 

As we know, plants mitigate global warming through photosynthesis - by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, plants help the earth breathe. However, as global temperature keeps rising, this kind of valuable ability of plants has been increasingly undermined.

It’s sad that plants have no ability to make their voices heard - they stand quietly and protect the earth. Having taken it for granted for a long time, human beings ignore and consume such green protection. If neither the earth nor plants breathe, will human beings have any chance to breathe fresh air?

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