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Carlos Barradas


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'I am a photographer with a Ph.D. in anthropology and hold two masters degrees in contemporary photography. I have extensive experience in making photographic essays, mostly in what several colleagues call magic documentalism, as well as writing about photography and using photography + text as an artistic resource. I am co-creator and co-editor of SOPA Magazine, a contemporary online photography magazine, and I am also a content editor for the US-based photography platform LENSCRATCH. I won a Merit Scholarship for the European Master in Contemporary Photography at the European Design Institute in Madrid in 2019.  Moreover, last year I was selected by GUP Magazine as one of the European Emergent Talents in Photography and this year I took part in PhotoEspaña’s official program and have been a winner and finalist for several awards. However, for my consolidation as a photographer, my work is missing a monograph.'



Ferry Tales is the sight of a place that is out of all places: the vision of a reality that represents at the same time the solitude and the immensity, a second and the eternity. The vision of something trivial that can acquire an exceptional quality in our daily life, a piece circulating, stopping, floating in space. The following work explores the departure, the journey and the arrival of a ship, offering a rough perspective of reality and the imaginary, trying above all to reflect on why the ship is the heterotopia par excellence, because, in the words of Michel Foucault, in civilizations without boats dreams mingle, adventure is substituted by espionage and corsairs by the police.

In my work I engage with ambiguity. I position my photographs in a liminal state, an anthropological concept that refers to an intermediate phase or condition in a given rite of passage. My intention is that the photographs become a receptacle in which people deposit their narratives. In that sense, they are transformed into a habitable space, where emotional statuses, memories, and social and cultural values come into play, defining one’s interpretation of the image. In other words, I make incomplete photographs. My strategy for this work, Ferry Tales, is to expand my artistic practice by including specific narratives, adding new layers of meaning and complexity. I will publish this work as a photobook.

In Ferry Tales, I am developing the idea of a ferryboat as a metaphor to connect with world themes with geopolitical currency, particularly sustainability and climate change from a poetic and dreamlike point of view, considering that it is a moving and not static place. What is a ferryboat’s importance in a socially and economically deprived area? How can issues of public transportation, emotional attachment, individual narratives, cultural landscape, and all sorts of identities contribute to a sense of place?

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