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Artemis Papachristou

Architect and Creator

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Artemis is an architect and creator based in London. She has worked, exhibited and been awarded internationally. In 2017 she represented Greece in the Mediterranean Young Artist Biennale. She will be soon graduating with an MA in Situated Practice from The Bartlett School of Architecture. She is currently speculating on the future of human inhabitation in the post geoengineering and post climate change era.


The project investigates the future human inhabitation due to climate change and the probable displacements. The chosen site is the condition of the recent accelerated coastal erosion, because of sea-level rise, at the seashore of The Isle of Sheppey in Kent. This condition causes the destruction of multiple properties that were built on its cliffs with the promise of a “beach-house-near-by-sea with-amazing- view”. The project includes the meticulous recording, cataloguing and archive in an archaeological research manner of these building remains. The project is unfolded and expressed in three different forms: a semi fiction essay film, an artist book that act as an Atlas (Atlas of Solastalgic Artefacts) and a live intervention. The book will also include a short essay on the concept of the future solastalgic inhabitation. The film will have narrative elements of the solastalgic unsettledness using the real footage taken during the research but also fictional narration.

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