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Aldebarán Solares

Visual Artist and Photographer

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Visual artist and photographer based in Mexico City with a MFA at National University of Mexico UNAM. Resident at UPV (Spain, 2015) and Fragua South Contemporary Art (Chile, 2019). He studied the Photographic Production Seminar at Centro de la Imagen (Mexico, 2018) and Mundo-Imagen program at MUAC-UNAM (Mexico, 2017), He was invited to VI National Research Meeting on Photography at Centro de la Imagen (Mexico, 2021). and selected as guest curator at International Festival on Experimental Photography EXP.21 (Spain, 2021)


This experimental video is an approach to the essence of the image: it´s based on the contact, the index; the trace. This portrait of the Amazon River was made without a camera, the 35mm film was fogged and rubbed under the river. After that, the film was developed. The essence of the river was revealed by the film, and in some way depicts the life that flows in one of the most important sources of balance for the environment, specifically regulating the world's oxygen and carbon cycles. As humans it is our duty to make something to protect the Amazon Rainforest.

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